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Q: How long will my carpets take to dry?

Due to the double vacuum system on our machines, the average carpet should be dry within one hour. Areas of the carpet that have been affected by heavy traffic may take longer.

Q: Do you offer 100% Guarantee to remove all stains?

Unfortunately, we cannot give a 100% guarantee to remove stains completely. In most cases, we have a positive outcome due to our processes and the specialist cleaning products we use. Sometimes we will be unable to completely remove stains. This is because the stain has been in the fabric for a long time, or more commonly a customer has tried to remove the stain themselves using non-professional products and techniques. This can alter the colour of the carpet of furnishing and, in some cases, seal in the stain.

Q: Will my carpets shrink in the cleaning process?

Carpets will only shrink when too much heat or cleaning solution is applied during cleaning. At Markless we use a low moisture system that completely eliminates the risk of shrinkage.

Q: Why is my carpet black around the edges?

Black filtration marks or soiling occurs due to air pockets below the carpet. Fine dirt and soot is pushed outwards, hitting the skirting boards then rising. Because the dirt is fine and deep within the carpet, vacuuming does not completely remove this soiling. In general our deep cleaning process can remove these marks or greatly improve the appearance.

Q: How long will my sofa take to dry?

Drying times depend on the fabric, as some fabrics are more absorbent than others. Most fabrics will be completely dry in 8 -10 hours, although some cotton upholstery may take up to 24 hours to be completely dry. The drying time is also affected by the how dirty the fabric is prior to the clean. A very dirty sofa will need a deeper clean and therefore a longer drying time.

Q: Are you fully insured?

We have public liability that covers any damage that may occur while we are working in your property. We always work with care and caution to ensure no damage occurs.

Q: How frequently should I have my carpets and upholstery cleaned?

We recommend regular carpet and upholstery cleaning to extend the life of expensive investments such as carpets, sofas and curtains. Professional cleaning every 12 months is a rule of thumb, though if you have kids, pets or heavy traffic through the home or business then regular cleaning every six months may yield better results.

Q: My pet has soiled the carpet. Can you help?

We use an anti-microbial solution that treats the stain, the odour and any bacterial deposits left from the fouling of the surface. Our urine cleaning process is most often completely effective in removing any trace of the stain and the odour.

Q: Should we move furniture before your visit?

We ask that you remove smaller, delicate objects, but unless items are very heavy we can generally move furniture ourselves to clean.

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